Little Pills for Little Ones- Part 2

Video Series Lecture of the Popular Homeopathic Pediatric Conference held in May 2022

We are excited to bring the popular conference on pediatric homeopathy, inspired by the wonderful response to our first ‘Little Pills for Little Ones’ conference.

The Little pills for little ones-Part 2, focuses more specifically on Cognitive and Behavioral Disorders in children. Our goal is to bring together a wide array of experts, whose knowledge and experience on these topics will build shared insights that will help us strengthen our treatments of these devastating mental illnesses in children.

Speakers : Dr Heiner Frei, Dr Sunil Anand, Dr Resie Moonen, Dr Rajan Sankaran, Dr Mahesh Gandhi, Dr Sachindra & Dr Bhawisha Joshi, Dr Dinesh Chauhan and Dr Philippa Fibert.

This Video lecture series is also available on German & Portuguese language and will be released soon
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