Little Pills for Little One’s – Part 1

Video Series Lecture of the Popular Homeopathic Pediatric Conference held in Nov 2021

It is not an overstatement to say that our children are facing a serious crisis. Since the pandemic hit, there is no escape from a world filled with scary projections and negative feelings. Our children now live in a sinister landscape of restricted interactions, masks, and the looming threat of death, and parents’ reassurances do not hold the same weight that they once did.

The good news is that homeopathy can help children tremendously at any time in their lives, even during this daunting pandemic era. Homeopaths assess children holistically, noting all pathological conditions—from dandruff to eczema, arthritis to epilepsy, and restlessness to suicidal thoughts. An appropriate remedy that fits the whole picture of dis-ease can cause rays of light to break through the dark clouds and discomforts that exist in a child’s world.

Our renowned homeopathic presenters have extensive experience with pediatric cases of all kinds. They will share how to achieve success in chasing away today’s storm clouds as well as how to maintain optimal health for our children. This conference covered Covid Cases in children, Mental health issues in children.

Speakers : Dr Rajan Sankaran, Dr Hener Frei, Dr Resei Moonen, Jurgren Weiland, Dr Paresh Vasani, Dr Annette Sneevliet, Anne Schadde, Dr Dinesh Chauhan.

This Video lecture is also available on Turkish language and will be released soon

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