Advanced Homeopathic Practitioner Programme

Leaving a legacy

A once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for homeopathic practitioners.

A highly demanded course with limited seats so apply quickly.

Gurukul is an ancient pedagogic system where the teaching-learning process is imparted directly from the teacher to the student in a dedicated environment and focused manner for a certain period of time.  Dr Rajan Sankaran, an internationally renowned homeopathic practitioner and teacher for more than four decades would like to re-invent the Gurukul system by facilitating young homeopathic practitioners to enhance their practice.

The Gurukul- Advanced Homeopathic Practitioner Programme is a one-year programme (online and offline) beginning in SEPTEMBER 2022 aimed at empowering young practicing homeopaths to improve the quality of their practice.  A maximum of 15 young practitioners having great potential will be chosen, given personalized training and all the tools required to hone them into all round physicians.

The programme believes that the utilization of traditional homoeopathic tools such as materia medica and the repertory (left-brain concepts) in combination with more modern homeopathic approaches such as sensation and kingdom understandings (right-brain concepts) generate the most success in clinical practice. While remaining grounded in basic homeopathic philosophies and methodologies, this programme invites practitioners to explore a variety of contemporary homeopathic approaches.

Dr Rajan Sankaran will be personally supervising this course and will have periodic Q and A sessions and discussions with the students. Through his trusted co-mentors he will be keeping close track of each student’s progress and challenges and will guide the students on how these can be addressed. The student will get to witness Dr Sankaran’s live case taking. Students are also invited to bring in difficult cases from their practice following which they will receive guidance from Dr Sankaran on how best these cases can be managed.

During the in-person sessions with Dr Sankaran, the students will not only gain homeopathic knowledge but will gain insight into what motivates and inspires Dr Sankaran in his work. They will be able to see his very attitude and the perception from which all his innovations and discoveries have emerged. In this sense the student will be imbibing his spirit along with the knowledge he has to offer. This is the true essence of any Gurukul.


  • Specially formulated keeping in mind a practitioner’s schedule.
  • Access to The Sankaran Masterclass: This is a specially curated video series which has more than 185 hours of lectures and cases of Dr Sankaran. It has been very carefully designed and is divided into 5 modules covering all areas of practice from basic to advanced. This also includes the latest Superclass and WISE ideas and how to use them in the clinic.(Please check for syllabus details)
  • Participants of this programme will be given the opportunity to hone their skills in the Other Song Academy Mumbai, for nine days every six months. The Other song is one of the most advanced training centers for homeopathy worldwide. The teaching here, mainly takes place through live cases. The students will be able to watch how Dr Sankaran receives cases, they can learn the skill of case taking and analysis directly from him. Besides this, the students will also get the opportunity to learn from experienced and internationally recognized teachers of homeopathy.
  • Residential in-person sessions with Dr Sankaran at the Hidden Oasis in Pune, for five days every 6 months where the students will get the opportunity to participate in the WISE retreat. (WISE -Witnessing Inner Song Experience). Dr Sankaran will be leading these retreats. The students will also be exposed to other healing modalities like diet, music , meditation and connection with nature which they can integrate into their homeopathic practice.( Please check and for more information )
  • The entire group will meet online once a month with Dr Sankaran to have Q and A sessions/ discussions /Clinical meetings.
  • Online mentoring sessions for each individual student with Dr Sarah Coutinho and Dr Kyle Wulfsohn every month so that the course can be customized to suit each student’s need.
  • The maximum intake number of participants for this course will not exceed 15 so that each participant gets individualized attention.


  • Dr Rajan Sankaran – Chief mentor
  • Dr Sarah Coutinho
  • Dr Kyle Wulfsohn
  • Dr Dinesh Chauhan, Dr Shekhar Algundi, Dr Paresh Vasani, Dr Meghna Shah (and many other teachers who have learned and worked with Dr Sankaran)


  • Live case-based training
  • Lectures with video cases – on specific topics of Sensation method
  • The Sankaran masterclass
  • Mentorship sessions
  • Integrating holistic approaches with homeopathic practice


The course fees would be Rs. 75,000 per student for the entire course.

A simple calculation will show that the various components of this course like the retreat, master class access, mentoring, homeopathic software, books by Dr Sankaran, etc would be several times higher than what the course is being offered for. This is only possible because this course is supported by patrons of homeopathy due to which the fee is heavily subsidized.

The course fee could be further subsidized to Rs 10,000 per student for those students showing great potential but unable to meet the fee structure. ( Maximum of 2 students)


  • Only for Indian Nationals residing in India*
  • The candidates should have completed their graduation in homeopathy
  • They should have had a minimum of two years of work experience in practicing homeopathy ( not including their internship)
  • The course requires the participants to commit a minimum of at least 8 hours a week exclusively to the course. 

There is a special opportunity for International students/practitioners interested in learning from Dr Rajan Sankaran. For further details please see


  • Periodic tests and assignments will be administered to evaluate student progress
  • Course attendance minimum 80%.
  • Students will be given a certificate of completion at the end of the year provided they have fulfilled the course curriculum, passed the tests and have the required minimum attendance.
  • Students will be asked to leave the course if they are found lacking in commitment and not complying with the requirements of attendance, assignments, and tests.


  • Students who don’t have the synergy software, will be provided lifetime access to the SHS -Synergy homeopathic software- professional version.
    For more details of the software please see :
  • Most books authored by Dr. Rajan Sankaran, and published by HMP will be provided to the students. The shipping and handling of the same are to be undertaken by the students. For the list of books included please see below.
  • The student’s food and accommodation at the Hidden Oasis Pune will be taken care of.
  • The students will get an opportunity to watch live cases at the other song during the days scheduled for them.
  • Certificate of participation


  • Travel to and Accommodation in Mumbai
  • The travel expenses to and from the Hidden Oasis, Pune would have to be borne by the participants.


The Spirit of Homoeopathy The Elements Of Homoeopathy ( Vol.1 & 2 ) – Dr. P. Sankaran The Sensation in Homoeopathy The Synergy in Homoeopathy Exact, Complete, Depth – The 8 Box Method
The Substance of Homoeopathy An Insight into Plants ( Vol. 1 & 2 ) Sensation Refined From Similia to Synergy (Hard Cover Bound) From Shadow to Light
The Soul of Remedies – Paperback (Soft cover) An Insight into Plants ( Vol. 3 ) Structure (Vol. 1 & 2) From Similia to Synergy (Paperback – Soft Cover) Sankaran DeWISE
The Soul of Remedies – (Hard Cover Bound) Sankaran Plant Sensation in Pictures Survival – The Mollusc Dog, Yogi, Banyan Tree Plant Chart – The Sensation in the Subclasses
The System of Homoeopathy Sankaran’s Schema The Other Song The Art of Follow-Up Manjhi-The Boatman


Schedule Program Mode Description
1st September 2022 onwards Masterclass videos Online Students have to spend a minimum of  4 -6 hours a week learning from the masterclass videos.
Every month Duration: 1 hour Online Mentoring with Dr Sarah Coutinho with each individual student     Online Individual difficulties will be accessed and students guided accordingly.
Every month Duration : 1 hour Online Mentoring with Dr Kyle Wulfsohn with each individual student   Online Assessment of students’ progress and corresponding guidance.  
Every Month Duration : 1 hour Group session with Dr Rajan Sankaran Online Q and A/ Clinical meeting / Discussions
Tentative Dates: 20th February 2023  – 28h February (afternoon)     Live cases in TOS with Dr Sankaran and Teaching sessions with other faculty.   Offline   Live cases Teaching sessions
28th Feb evening- travel to Hidden Oasis
1st March 2023- 5th March 2023 Retreat at Hidden Oasis, Pune Offline WISE retreat
17th July-25th July 2023 (afternoon) Live cases in TOS with Dr Sankaran and Teaching sessions with other faculty. Offline Live cases Teaching sessions
25th July evening – travel to Hidden Oasis
26th July-30th July (afternoon) Retreat at Hidden Oasis, Pune Offline WISE retreat


The students will be chosen based on a 2-step selection procedure.
STEP 1 – Application Form. STEP 2 – Interview

STEP 1 – Application Form: Preliminary Information


    (The student will have to provide two references. References can be from anyone within the homeopathic or medical community such as the student’s principal, professor, senior doctors the student has worked with/ under or colleagues)

    Case and Analysis *

    • Attach a detailed case (in a Word document, in English) which you have taken, demonstrating your case taking , also mention your thought process through the case.

    • Explain the case analysis in detail including the repertory sheet, Materia medica references and system followed.

    • Detailed follow-up clearly describing what has changed. Minimum 6 months follow-up.

    All the above information must be sent typed out clearly in ENGLISH in a word document.

    The Application must be sent latest by 20th July 2022. 13 00 hrs IST.

    Applications sent after the due date will not be considered.

    Following the submission of applications within the due date, there will be an interview for the short-listed candidates.

    The interview details will be sent to your email id.

    The final selection will be based on the interview.

    If any queries? email to