HOPE (Homeopathy Online Portal for Education) is the latest advancement in homeopathic e-learning that aims to enhance the quality of homeopathic education globally. For further details.

All you need to do is go to “Login and Register” page, register to HOPE and all the free contents will be made available for you – instantly! Then, simply browse to the Free Lectures menu.
Already a HOPE user? Go to the same login page, type in your user name and password (most browsers will fill these in automatically for you) and then go to Free Lectures menu.

No. It is like renting a DVD movie for a limited time.
Payment for the lectures and series is done via PayPal
Sure! Under each lecture (free or paid) you can find a rating drop down menu and a box where you can write your reviews. We welcome you to use these for the benefit of the other users.
A homeopathic software company that created MacRepertory, ReferenceWorks, and Synergy Homeopathic Software.
The speakers in HOPE are well known homeopathy teachers from all around the world, bringing their knowledge to your home! Many more speakers will be joining HOPE soon so keep visiting us!
You are purchasing the rights to watch lectures for a limit period of time.
The validity of a single lecture in our advanced category is for one month and the validity of multiple lectures in our series category is for three months. You can watch your purchased videos as many times as you wish within the validity period.
After placing your order, go to “My Lectures” menu on the top right corner. There you will be able to find all the lectures and series that you purchased and you can find out when each lecture’s time is expired.
Yes, there will be certificate being issued by HOPE.

We welcome speakers from all around the world to join HOPE.
Please email us at info@homeopathyhope.com and let us know who you are, your country of origin, and which video lectures you already have for the HOPE portal (or you are planning to record). We shall review your query and get back to you as soon as possible.