Dr. Shekhar Algundgi

Dr. Shekhar Algundgi.B.H.MS. (Gold Medalist),M.D.(HOM), M.F.Hom (Malaysia), F. Hom. (U.K.), N.D. (Naturo) Faculty: International Academy of Advanced Homeopathy – The Other Song Visiting Consultant: Shri Satya Sai Medical Centre; in association with TOS Honorary: R. K. Mission Hosp. Khar, Vashani Diagnostic center, Andheri, Holy Family, Andheri.Panel: IAAI, BARC.Dr. Shekhar Algundgi has been practicing Homoeopathy since 1992 in the Western Suburbs of Mumbai. Having graduated from Venutai Yeshwantrao Homoeopathic Medical College and Post graduated from Panchasheel Homoeopathic Medical College. He had an opportunity to do Fellowship Homoeopathy from the Pioneer University London, U.K., under the guidance of Luc De Sheppher, and has been conferred upon Honorary Membership from the Faculty Homoeopathy Malaysia for his presentation on ‘Soul the Universal Energy’.

He has been blessed with some good teachers in the vast valley of Mumbai to likes of Dr. Rajan Sankaran, Dr. Jayesh Shah, and Dr. Sujit Chaterjee, Dr. Prafulla Barvallia, Dr. Prakash Vakil etc.Calm, composed, and patient as ever have been the key features for Dr. Algundgi. His tenure as homeopath for over 2 decades has traveled a long way in exploring human nature through various techniques such as; meditative process, gramatics the homoeopathic dramatics, transcendental state of an individual and many more. This experience has been euphoric for not only him, but also for his colleagues all over the world.

He has got both, art & science as his ground on which he stands as a refined individual. These experiences of his, when shared through his mind-blowing oratory skills, has taken a quantum leap in homoeopathic world.His innovative concept of ‘Homeo gurukul’ of sharing knowledge in an open echo friendly environment which is a soul of “Swara Kokan Workshop” has now been like a wild fire in the Homoeopathic circles. The idea of introducing the concept of a workshop which completely deals with not only a classroom pattern of teaching but having the flavor of doing it out in the open has been warmly welcomed by one & all.He had the opportunity of sharing his experiences through seminars in Ahemadabad, Akola, Belgaum, Bangalore, Bhopal, Bijapur, Bilaspur, Bhopal, Chennai, Dapoli, Delhi, Dharwad, Gulbarga, Goa, Hyderabad, Icchalkaranji, Indore, Kokan, Madurai, Nainital, Odhisha, Parbhani, Raipur, Surat, Solapur, Selam, Tiruvanantapuram, Trichy, Vadodara & many more places in India. & Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Denmark, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Malaysia, Norway, Netherland, Portugal, Romania, Spain, Serbia, Singapore, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Slovakia, U.K. etc. abroad.