Dr. Praful Barvalia

Dr.Praful M. Barvalia is a well known personality in the field of Homoeopathic Medicine & Education. He is the Founder Chairman of M.B. Barvalia Foundation. The axiom he has strongly propound is “Physicians should leave their comfortable chambers & go to community”. He bestows special care and spirit towards mentally and physically challenged children and has spent many years in upliftment of the life of these unfortunates. Over the past many years his continued efforts have benefited countless numbers of Mentally Retarded and Autistic children by promoting Holistic Health and Value Based Education.
He has completed his DHMS in June 1981. He started his private practice while also working with Dhawle’s Institute of Clinical Research. Then as Lecturer at the Homeopathic Medical College in Mumbai from 1988. In January 2003, as Professor of Pediatrics in University of Mumbai.
His main interest is Clinical Research and has conducted quality research in the field of Thyroid Disorders, Autism & HIV/AIDS. He pioneered holistic integrated research based approach in child care which is extremely popular.