Dr. Jan Scholten

Dr. Jan Scholten is a well known homeopathic doctor and has been promoting homeopathy in many ways for over 20 years. Homeopathic Doctors Centre – He has founded the homeopathic clinic Homeopatisch Artsencentrum Utrecht. There are 10 doctors practicing homeopathy in this clinic. Appointments for consultations can be made in the clinic. Jan Scholten has founded Stichting Alonnissos. The foundation promotes homeopathy by the publication of books, organizing seminars, promoting research and supporting clinics. Alonnissos is the publisher of Jan’s books. Researcher Author and Teacher – Jan Scholten has done much research and has added many remedies to the homeopathic Materia Medica. He has written many books, the most outstanding and well known are on his discoveries of the elements of the Periodic System. He has been well received internationally and he has given many seminars all over the world. Interhomeopathy – Jan Scholten has promoted homeopathy in many ways.He has initiated the homeopathic internet journal Interhomeopathy. He is the instigator for HARP, administration and registration software for homeopaths. He has founded the foundation Homeopathie Stichting for raising funds for homeopathy an he has been working many years for the SHO, the Dutch foundation for teaching homeopathy.