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Bhawisha Joshi

Dr. Bhawisha Joshi & Dr. Shachindra Joshi have been in the field of Homoeopathy for the past 23 yrs. Both of them graduated in Homeopathy at a young age of 23 and since then have been actively involved with the science.

Over the past 20 years, they have given over few hundred seminar and have evolved their method of homeopathy called the MAP system of homeopathy.

MAP system is a unique approached that empowers every user of the system to prescribe confidently. It’s the only system which liberates the practitioners from the shackles of ‘I might be wrong’. It enables him to judge where he is, where did he go wrong and what did he get right.

They are registered homeopathic medical doctors with clinic in Mumbai, and satellite clinic in London and New York.

They published nine books on Homeopathy.

The latest book, ‘ The system of MAP & Birds in Homeopathy’, explain their en!re system for a reader.
To know more about them visit www.drjoshisclinic.com

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